When a pre-pubescent girl slaps another older girl in or around the crotch area; attempting to inflict pain on the testicles of the older girl, but unknown to the younger girl, woman do not have testicles; therefore thusly creating an awkward situation, especially when compounded whilst the parantes of the younger girl gawk at this brash sexual action.
jew leahhh (9:48:50 PM): lindsey tried to give me a ball slap today and i was like-- i dont have balls?
androovisconti (9:48:58 PM): thats called a black cherry
androovisconti (9:49:07 PM): very erotic and exotic
jew leahhh (9:49:30 PM): awesome?
by Androo pisconti May 31, 2007
Top Definition
When one experience anal sex for the first time, it's said that you've popped your black cherry.
I didn't realize that i'd burst her black cherry last night, but she admitted this morning that she'd never taken it in the butt before then.
by Douglas Goldstein January 21, 2005
Similar to popping the cherry, to pop one's black cherry means to receive anal sex for the first time
-Yo, you put it in her butt last night?

-Hell yeah, I popped her black cherry!
by BearClawGoBlue November 15, 2010
A phrase used to describe a Blood who wants to unite with Crips, or a Crip who wants to unite with bloods. To some sets an insult, to others a description. The Black Cherry comes from the color of the gangs combined. Also derived from (B)lood and (C)rip.
(Insult) Ay cuz you heard about that Blood tryin' to claim our set? "Yeah cuz he thinks we all cool and shit, mark ass nigga's a Black Cherry."

(Description) I heard that gang has Bloods and Crips in the same set? "Yeah bra they Black Cherries."
by TeeJayFlow August 14, 2011
The first time a non black person has sex with a black chick.
Hey man I popped my black cherry last night with your girl.
by coffeetable2142 June 26, 2011
The first time a non black person has sex with a black chick.
Hey man I popped my black cherry last night with your girl.
by coffeetable2142 June 28, 2011
The definition of a fine sexy sassy woman with style and class. Allures to whatever man approaches her, she is like a chameleon of charm. Sweet sight of cherry, yet simultaneously appealing to darker mysterious sides. The ability to easily make a man feel like he is the only one in the world for her, yet it is an illusion.
I swear that Black Cherry girl, she has a hold on me it must be voodoo.
by Lady Lyric September 18, 2009
black cher•ry


When bought from Marsh Supermarkets, Black Cherry Cola, generic in nature, is a crisp, sugary, blast of tastebud smashing cherry greatness that is best used to accompany the "Ball State University student I.D. after midnight $2.99 medium pizza deal" at Dominos Pizza. Beware of inferior imitations.
"Wow, this black cherry cola tastes great with my medium pizza from Dominos, especially because it is now 12:45 a.m."

"Black Cherry cola is like a fine wine, really."

"What? Adam Dunn is on the back of the Drum Sticks box? Well, want to get pizza and black cherry tonight?"
by Clarence and Nematoad September 04, 2007

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