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Another word for a black person
Mark: yo Alex, look at those blAfricans over there.
Alex: Dude, there are so many of them
Mark: wait a minute, that one chick in the back isn't a blAfrican
Alex: You're right, thats Thadius, he's the opposite of a male blAfrican...he's a white lesbian
by Alex G (Jew) November 10, 2009
1) Derogatory term used to refer to a 'fresh-off-the-boat' African dressed in full African clothing who somehow found themselves walking around a shopping centre in Northern England. They look lost and speak in what resembles French with a very strong accent. Characteristically loud and impatient but pleasantly scented with cocoa butter.

2) A term for a Black African, used in conversations where you need to distinguish from white Africans previously mentioned.
"What was that woman saying to you?"
"Don't know, (she was) Blafrican"

"Was he South African?"
"No, proper Blafrican"
by Rochies Rainbeaux January 09, 2009
A person of African decent that has distantly African features. i.e. there are African American people, and there are "blafricans"

Essentially, you can't really label a person's ethnicity based on their features, but we've all been there, we all get it. There are some people who look "super Russian" "super Assyrian" and of course, "super African".
"Damn, Marcus you is straight blafrican!!"

-"Wow look at that girl! She is gorgeous!"
-"Which one??"
-"The blafrican one."
by katei September 13, 2011
A large black, male who enjoys shanking and ganking.
That blafrican just ganked that ho!
by Hobagger October 29, 2003
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