this can be a mesurment of weed or drugs
20 bit of weed for £20-£25
by keamtz July 29, 2009
baby tits
Mmm mmm that baby got some bits yo!
by linkapoo May 28, 2010
simple insult that pertains to any person/persons recognized as an asshole, bitch, faggot, douchebag, etc.
That little fuckin bit stole my steely and drank it while i was bangin that hottie.
by Jizzim Rollins November 24, 2003
Binary digIT - the least amount of information there is, i.e. yes or no, true or false, on or off. Eight bits make a byte
What is the bit-rate of that modem? How many bits per second does it handle?
by mistweb October 13, 2003
used to describe someone as a bitch, to shorten the leangth of the word bitch.

first used when speaking "short languge", shortening words by excluding the middle or last syllable, still leaving the word understandable by others hearing you say it.
usually used to call someone a bit, when they dont even deserve the full word. "quit being a little bit", "go home bit", "fuck you, bit."

ex: "Ben Stanley is the original, all time bit."
by Alex Cherney. June 18, 2006
An unspecified short amount of time (usually less than an hour).

Can be used to indicate that events will follow a normal timescale, or otherwise be used to postpone an event for a time.

A 'bit' usually refers to the expected or average amount of time that should be taken to complete the task in question.
When postponing an event, however, a 'bit' can be considerably longer.

Eg, If you are due to visit a friend who lives a 15 minute drive away, to be round 'in a bit' could indicate that you will be there in about 1/2 hour, 15 minutes preparation to leave and 15 minutes driving.

The expression 'in a bit' is often used in Midland dialect as a farewell, similar to laters.

'A bit' should not however be confused with 'Quite a bit', which always indicates an unusually large amount of time (or something else), and is analogous to a 'while'.
"I'll be round yours in a bit"
by oracle October 27, 2006
Prison lingo for a usually short prison sentence.
I got a three year bit for robbery.
by DirkD January 26, 2007
Bro in Training, a young boy seeking to learn the ways of the bro, when finally training for his bro-dom he ascends to the status of a B.I.T., not to be confused with Bitch In Training, which is just a slander of the true B.I.T. definition
Me: Yo hows your brother liking the fifth grade?
Bro: He loves that shit man hes got like 4 bitches all lined up, he's a true B.I.T.
Me: Damn, I knew that kid was promising
by THE TRUE BRO January 17, 2011

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