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bitches, hoes, friends, girls
On the weekend, I hang out with my guys friends and a lot of bities.
by <333 June 27, 2006
37 9
Bity is the notorious street gang from the slums of eastern pennsylvania, it has grown to be ruthless and dangerous gang hoodlums. Started in the small town of souderton, PA. B.I.T.Y the acronym stand for Boys In Troubled Youth. Again, very dangerous and they growing rapidly. there are no guidelines in the gang, there is one rule and one rule only, always have your hand on the semi and ya hand on ya jimmy!! BITY SQUAD OR DIE!
Nah man Im not messing with him, don't he ride with Bity?
by Officer Rick July 27, 2011
27 16
In Australia, 'bities' is a slang word for little creatures that bite, eg. Mosquitoes and Midgies.
The word is especially used by children.
Mosquitoes and Midgies are often described as bities, especially by children.
by Aussiegal October 03, 2006
13 8
big titeys
( 0 )( 0 )
dame look at the bitys on that one
by Athend October 28, 2008
3 0
when a girls belly is bigger than her titties.
Look at that girl she has a bity on her.
by Thecreator November 10, 2012
2 2
big ass tites which have to be real or it doesnt count.
that fat lady has some ginormus bities
by whitechild August 04, 2004
11 24