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When you're headed out the door to go get lunch and your boss asks you to swing by McDonald's on the way back and pick him up a South West Chicken Salad.
Boss to Employee: "Hey can you grab me a salad from McDonald's on your way back?"

Employee to Boss: "Uhm, we're not going to McDonald's for lunch tho."

Boss to Employee: "On your way back.."

Me to Employee: "Wow, he really made you his bitch right there. he was all like 'Bitch get me some Salad'..

Employee to me: "yep.. it's a BITCH SALAD!"
by liqker December 08, 2009

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A combination of being a bitch, a pussy, and a tool. Usually brought about in situations where one points out that said person is being a pussy, thus they start acting like a bitch and/or tool as a result of this observation.
Bro, Jon and I were gonna go chill, then he went all bitchsalad and hung out with his girlfriend.
by manmythlegendtmace January 07, 2007
A group of boss ass bitches that no one should mess with.
LaQuisha, Ashley, Jessie, Alexa, Madison, and Maddie are all in the bitch salad
by ashholee118 March 17, 2014