my brother's desperate, pathetic, and ugly girlfriend who nobody likes.
She has been dumped so many times. Now she's so desperate she stays with my brother, even though he will never marry her. We call her the bitch monkey.
by princess traci April 25, 2006
Top Definition
Many species of monkeys are known for their shit flinging capabilities. Bitches can be anyone of offensive nature. Therefore the bitchmonkey is someone who throws their shit at you just to make you miserable. In the instance of the bitchmonkey the shit is metaphorical for problems, psychological issues, or in rare occasions, actual shit.
"That bitchmonkey ruined my birthday party by having a meltdown at the Chuck-E-Cheese in front of everyone."
by I have an answer for everything January 06, 2005
A women's Ultimate Frisbee team located at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
That chick is one hell of a Bitch Monkey.
The Bitch Monkeys can party like its nobody's business.
by Abby A. September 03, 2006
An idiot who is pisses you off all the time.
Dustin is my dude, but he's still a Bitch Monkey.
by Steve M January 19, 2004
A really annoying person, usually identified by a loud and obnoxious laugh. This person usually has no idea that no one likes them.
I couldn't sleep because I could hear the bitch monkey existing in the other room.
by yourexsuitemate03 September 24, 2010
A person who without provication continually annoys others. Someone whom repeatedly acts like a fool despite frequent criticism.
"Shut up you stupid bitch monkey!"
by C. Wallace May 20, 2004
an insult you throw at little annoying people
Michael: mooses are cool
Matt: shut up you bitch monkey!
Michael: i love mooses
Matt: shut the f*ck up
by Matthew T February 09, 2004
sex slave or just a slave, someone that always does things for you when you ask 'em to,
milhouse is bart's bitch monkey

that sexy boy is going to be my bitch monkey
your my bitch monkey
by houstongirl September 19, 2009
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