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Chad I Ginsburg brought back the bitch toss in 1985 after he Saw Cinderella Guitarist do it. Chad retired the bitch toss after he found out a Linkin Park Guitarist used it.

R.I.P Bitch Toss: 1985 - 2003
CKY, Volume 1 shows Chad doing bitch toss
by HELLVIEW96 April 06, 2008
the bitch toss was CKY's Chad Ginsburgs' guitar flip. He resurrected it when he saw a live Cinderella concert in '85 and since then a bunch of pussy bands haved ripped him off. Chad retired the bitch toss in 2003 before people accused him of stealing it.
RIP bitch toss, 1985-2003
by udntnom3 June 12, 2006
To give or ask for advice in both an ackward and aggressive way
I'm in the job market so go ahead and bitchtoss me a couple of leads. I could use them at some point.
by Chad G. December 11, 2005