When there are an even amount of males and females. You take turns with each girl. Switching every 15 minutes.
Guy #1: There are going to be the same number of bitches as dudes at Sophia's tonight.
Guy #2: So? Lets just bitch switch. So we both will get turns.
by 36Highst August 22, 2011
when a girl suddenly turns from nice to bitchy
I was just talking to her then made a comment about her hair. She lashed out at me so fast, l must have triggered her BitchSwitch.
by FlipWerd May 08, 2011
The word/phrase, action, or topic that makes a girl act like a bitch.
Kate really flipped Elayna's bitch switch when she brought up last year's Homecoming dance.
by Proud Boyfriend September 17, 2010
A term for the switch in moods when a girl is on her period.
"Sandrine is being a huge bitch today" "yeah her bitch switch is on"
by Bigcake March 18, 2014
when you chill with slightly lamer girls earlier in the night in order to get some quick head then drop them off as you pick up less lame girls later in the night that your tryna fuck. without either of the 2 groups of girls knowing(:
we r dropping kylie n tara off after getting road head to bitchswitch for elisabeth and denise who are sexy((:
by jnigga :p April 30, 2011
A switch to get a annoying female to stop talking or shut up
“ Hey bro that chick is so annoying” “Ya she needs a bitch switch”
by srygs June 06, 2009
A term used by the listener when a person is bitching about one issue only to start bitching about an unrelated issue in the same conversation.
What I thought was going to be a quick vent about her boss, she pulled one bitch switch after another for over two hours.
by J.Edward December 04, 2008
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