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inj. an expression commonly used in Achaea, a MUD (multi-used domain) that is becoming increasingly popular; used to indicate anger or frustration
You have been slain by the might of Majin.
"Bitchnuts!" you profane.
by Reese May 09, 2003
A term expressing collegial regard for a familiar acquaintance
Yo whatUp, Bitch Nuts?
by buck August 17, 2003
The captive nut that is used in server racks that is a bitch to install without the proper tool. Sometimes a screwdriver is used in lieu of the special tool. Using a screwdriver can lead to injury when the screwdriver slips off and stabs the hand securing the bitch nut.

Also a bitch because they are never supplied with equipment and are often forgotten when equipment is ordered.

Origin: A cage nut or caged nut consists of a square nut in a spring steel cage which wraps around the nut. The cage has two wings that when compressed allow the cage to be inserted into the square holes in equipment-server racks.
I need a box of bitch nuts for the new server that is to be installed in the server rack.
by Stonewall 436 February 20, 2012
A word used by myself and a select few to describe a person who is lazy, or just there.
Man, Robert is such a bitchnut. He won't even go pick up beer with money that I gave him!
by Tyler Durden July 08, 2004
The left testicle or "Left Nut". Often used is insults and to express dislike, because the left nut is the least desirable nut.

You ain't nothing but a bitch nut.
by Code"Froggystyle"Red January 27, 2009
This is when a man is not able to make a baby boy.
Man 1: dude my wife is pregnant again!!!
Man 2: dude that's awesome, are you having a boy this time?
Man 1: nope, a girl.. What can I say, I have bitch nuts...
by Niteout187 September 21, 2009
a lametard that doesn't get respect, complains about stupid stuff and can't dance.
Kanye west is the biggest bitchnut i know!
by pericojessica December 27, 2007
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