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bitch on a leash is defined as a bitch being over powered, controlled, or will not do anything, unless parter/significant other tells them that it is okay to do(only obeys partner significant other).
(Man and friend are at a party where they run into another friend of theirs accompanied by his girlfriend).
Man: "Shit man, you took that two-faced penny hooker whore for a girlfriend back? She's a dirty fuckin wench! I'd dump her ass!"
Girlfriend: "Fuck you, you dirty piece of shit!"
Girlfriend's Boyfriend (Man's friend): "Shut yo bitch ass face bitch! You do what I tell you to do! You don't speak unless I speak to you!"

Next Night, Different Party

(Man and friend runs into friend and girlfriend once again).
Man: "Shiiit, you're still with that hoe?!"
Girlfriend glares at man, then smiles and walks away.
Girlfriend's Boyfriend (Friend of man's): "Sorry dudes, gotta go!"
Friend of Man's (The friend that accompanied man to party): "Damn man, he must have got that bitch a leash!"
Man: "Yeah.. she's a bitch on a leash!"

by Lyndsay6789 September 26, 2007
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