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a girl best friend who is there to tell you if the girl you are trying to get with is there to use you for your money,car,social status etc..
dude, every girl i end up with ends up being a gold digger and i end up with nothing

you just need to find a bitch filter to get those girls out of your life
by wordguru92 February 21, 2011
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The act of being one's filter for bitch-ness: taking the blunt of all of a person's (although not refrained to, see bitch) bitchy personality or "venting" so that they can become a normal person for someone they do not wish to be a bitch to.
I'm sick of being your goddamned bitch filter Jordan, you only do this so that you feel better about yourself for not being an enormous bitch to your actual boyfriend.
by Eric The Great Red June 30, 2010

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