1. Someone(usually a female) who is such a complete and total bitch; mean, annoying, whiny, obnoxious, and/or just generally unpleasant to be around you.
2. A VERY large female dog.
Little Fido would never want to sleep in the doghouse with Maggie, our new German Shepheard, since she's a real bitch and a half.

Mark H. Pround provider of new(and some existing) slang vocabulary since February 2004.
by Mark H September 26, 2005
When something is so bad, that the word bitch cannot describe it. The bitchiness is overflowing.
Man 1 - Did you see the work my boss gave me today?
Man 2 - I know, that's going to be a bitch and a half
by Zack!!! June 11, 2008
a bitch, in "rare" form.
when Alicia kicked me in the testicles because I called her "fat."

you see a regular bitch would have just called me a "faggot" but being a "bitch-and-a-half" she opted to save her voice, and simply attack my manhood.
by Andrew Banta November 04, 2005
more than a bitch, less than a bitch and 5/8ths and definitely less than a bitch and 3/4's...
she did what ?! WHATTA BITCH AND A HALF !

by whatta bitchh January 21, 2011

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