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bish-uhp's di-lem-uh

n. a type of piercing of the penis that penetrates the Urethra, rusulting in multiple streams
Check out that guy's bishop's dilemma! Oh shit! He got himself in the eye.
by Chris H. & Pip R. March 18, 2007

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It's a reference to a prince albert piercing as a bishop is also the tip of a penis and a needle going through it would be quite the dilemma
why the hell would anyone ever get a prince albert, its really just gonna end up being your bishops dilemma
by DRock March 18, 2007
A foreskin piercing that results in the foreskin becoming really tight when you get an erection because of irregular folds in the foreskin.
Check out my bishop's dilemma.
by Johnny Carson October 30, 2007