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1. Lil Wayne fool, aka Birdman jr. aka Fly Weezy aka dewayne carter
they call me birdman jr., i'm flier than the rest, i'm tryna get a couple cool pigeons to the nest

part of lil wayne's verse on fly as the sky feat. chamillionaire and rasaq
The master of rap. He is so talented he came out with his own style, conquored rap, and now has the most haters and followers out of any rapper.

Videos of Birdman Jr. can be seen at
by April 20, 2012
A Birdman Jr is a certain sandwich that the McDonalds coporation offers in its fast food establishments. It derives from the word "birdman" meaning chicken, and "Jr" meaning junior. Hence, a junior chicken. It can also refer to lil wayne.

A birdman jr is also the name of a dance using snaps and the wheel technique
"yo man i'm sooo hungry"

"wanna grab a birdman jr?"
by ohsaa May 10, 2009
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