The disease that afflicts fantasy football owners the year after they win the championship. Symptoms include extreme arrogance, posing shirtless in the mirror for extended periods, wearing sleeveless hoodies while holding miniature footballs and always losing at ping pong and related bar games.
Damn, that sorry dude's come down with a nasty case of the Bird Flu -- his fantasy team is lucky to be 3-5.
by The Learned Hand October 29, 2013
An STD that you have picked up off a female most likely from Portsmouth.
tom : mate i got it on with a girl the other night.
jack : excellent
tom : not really turns out she has got bird flu ( ie an std)
by Sir Jack November 14, 2007
a new word for ill or cool using bird for fly and flu like sick so the item that the person is calling bird flu is sick and fly, which are two words that pretty much mean cool.
My Chain -Gucci Mane "My chain got pneumonia, watch got the bird flu..."
by guy.mann June 25, 2009
when a man or lesbian is being driven crazy or sick by they're current or ex female partner (also known as a "bird" in the UK).
1st guy: Man did you hear about Andy's problems with his girl?
2nd guy: Yeah man, he's got bad bird flu.
1st guy: Dude, did you hear about how Martin's ex has been treating him?
2nd guy: Yeah, it's so bad, he don't deserve it at all. She's being so childish! Mart's got 1st degree bird flu!
by A Man Scorned September 23, 2006
The feeling of illness due to the menstrual cycle.

1)While puking her guts out and groaning in pain, her mother asked what was wrong. "I've got the damned Bird Flu" was her reply.
by Chris-tina December 28, 2006
Birdflu: (noun) pronounced: *B-heard Fl-Who*

An illness made of chicken, pigeon, vulture and do-do bird-esque features. It includes severe inner uglyness which in turn makes the outside appear hideous. Loud and obnoxious outbursts may occur if they are provoked. Provocation stems from scuffed Payless shoes, loose weaves,cocked eyes and apparently razor bumps.It is also said to be contagious.
"Man, that bitch must have Tucan Sam in her blood cuz she got the bird flu!!!"
by Blaque916 May 24, 2006
A universal social game teenagers play. "Birdflu" is the "disease" you can get from hooking up with a person that has the "disease" already. If you get birdflu, you have 2 weeks to pass it onto someone else (by hooking up with them). If you fail to hookup with someone in 2 weeks, you lose the disease. The goal is to keep the disease, and spread it to as many people as possible. The only way you can get birdflu back again is by hookingup with someone who has it, or if the founder of birdflu in your local area "deems you worthy of having it". Also, you cannot hookup with the same person twice to renew your birdflu.

**Hooking up could mean many things. In this sense, it is used to mean making out. Or you could use it in other ways too. The game is meant for teens, but anyone could play it.
"Hey dude did you hookup with that chick yet?"

"Yeah man and seh gave me bird flu! ...Fuck its been two weeks arleady, and i havent hooked up with anyone else. Dammmn."
by d@sh!zz13!i! March 15, 2008
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