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call used by ganstas 2 noe if da cops r there.
nigga, if da cops r comin do dat bird call... clap brrrrrrrrr
by gangstaGReezY January 16, 2006
When the cops pull up in the hood, people clap their hands and make the sound of a pigeon, like "BRRRRRR" .

That's the way to warn other people who are gambling or dealing in public.

The birdcall is a way to warn friends without offending the officers ;-)
"ey dawg, there come de laws! quick man do de birdcall!"

"aight, *clap clap* BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"
by ReacH2k January 11, 2008
A really annoying noise that you make by putting your lips together and blowing air out, when one first learns how to do it, the noise does not sound like a bird, but when they master it the bird call can sound like a bird.
In the middle of class a kid made a bird call noise
by Matt9236 January 11, 2010
a screeching sound made by a person when they are mad or being annoyed by something or someone.
usually attracts attention and makes you look like you have a mental disability but it is a good way of telling someone that you hate them. in more of a friendly matter.
"they didn't have any more porno magazines." *bird call*
by lyra1719 March 16, 2009
Codeword for smoking weed created by Alex Martin, Jordan Livingston, and Jordan Jansco.
Hey man, let's go birdcall.
by AlexMartin April 19, 2008
brian "baby" williams has his birdcall in his current cd birdman
so i bought the bar out so he bought the bar too. aint nuthin to a baller ma do we do pimp game wear big ring birdman drive a red range
by jointroller April 07, 2003
the call one makes when he has/wants crack or cocaine
The cops don't understand why they hear so many bird calls in my hood, cuz they never see any birds. Brrrrrrrrrrr brrrrrrr
by t miz December 05, 2003
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