When you or someone else pours champaign down a womans blouse between her breasts
Bend your boobies down girl and let me give you a bird bath..
by RaqCity April 07, 2012
A birdbath is a sexual act where someone kneels on the ground with their head tilted back and their mouth wide open. They then act a a recepticle for urine or other liquids.
My new girlfriend is inexperienced, I had to teach her to do a decent birdbath.
by Stevie Smalls November 23, 2011
This is the act of bringing a female into the restroom, (stall preferably, if not that's okay) then bending her over, while fucking her, shoving her head in the toilet making her arms wave and flap around like a bird.
I took Ashley into her bathroom and I gave her a bird bath.
by Capacious Ignatious September 15, 2011
This is where you stretch out the excess skin of your balls to form a cup. You then proceed to fill it with your ladies favorite beverage, and give her a straw to suck it out with.
I stretched out my balls and gave my gilfriend a birdbath today.
by chefboyartee January 09, 2010

1.) To quickly bathe or shower, following the example of a bird, hence the name. Does not involve soap or shampoo, simply water. Typically done after strenuous activity causes one to sweat, and thusly, stink.

2.) To wash one's penis in a sink, in the situation that one might 'get lucky' that night and is worried that their penis may have a strange or unpleasant odor. So called because of the reference to bird meaning genitalia.
1.) OH shit I just shoveled 18 inches of snow and forgot deodorant. I'd best go and have a birdbath.

2.)OH shit, this chick said YES to go back to my place. I'd better go to the restroom and have a birdbath.
by ODDZandEVENsos March 16, 2007
Done mainly in clubs, a male pulls out his nuts and stretches them to hold a liquid. He then buys the women a drink and pours it in his newly made "Bird Bath". The women drinks and the man has found a new mate.
I decided to try the Bird Bath and I can't believe it, I was fucking her the next hour!!
by Puddy Tat May 03, 2005
Putting see through plastic saran wrap over the FRAME of the toliet and then close the lid ( good prank to use ) and when a female is using the bathroom they will shit on the saran wrap and get it all over their self (lol) and preferable when they pee it will just splash all over their vagina lol
saran wrap over toliet.... i call it BIRD BATH
by Dro n da WIND1 April 21, 2009
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