A hoe That doesnt give a shit about any one
Mirah Rijoas
BF(Boyfriend)-Hey whats up wanna do n e thing 2day?
GF(Bionic Bitch)-No i want 2 go 2 pontiac with my guy friends.
BF-Usea Bionic Bitch.
GF-"Slowly walk's away"
by Daitsmeda1234 May 23, 2006
Top Definition
a group of bionic supersonic females with extreme sex appeal and high IQs. (who love alliteration)

origin: creepy half-spaniard with bionic implant tried to abduct two of aforementioned females. they escaped and lived to become even more bionic supersoni
"yeh i've heard of those bionicbitches"

"yeh, brady mentions those bionic bitches"
by Dr Drunk May 30, 2005
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