The person who in the deathly quiet of the eve of rubbish collection stealthfully places a huge bag of rubbish in the neighbours bin without detection.
This neighbour victim of the binja cannot persuade authorities of such a binja's existence, given the presumption of the neighbour's alcohism- judging by the empties in their bin...
"Crap, I've been struck by the elusive Binja!"
by Team Rick November 18, 2013
Top Definition
a fusion between a black person and a ninja
Chuck: "Have you heard Wu Tang Clan?"
Morgan: "Yeah, they are such binjas!"
by maxmuse February 01, 2011
A person who goes out secretly (usually at night) and puts all their rubbish/trash overflow into other peoples bins.
My bin/trashcan always has random rubbish/trash thats not mine in it. I think there's a binja in the neighbourhood.
by thedharmawheel February 10, 2012
A binge ninja.

Typically used with people who surprisingly watch all episodes of a tv show after recently hearing of its existence.
-"Dude, thanks for telling me about Orange Is the New Black yesterday. I just finished the second season."

-"You're a straight up binja."
by T o f t July 09, 2014
A man who its 1/2 boyscout and 1/2 ninja. This phenomenon only occurs once every 100 years. A Binja is right underneath Jesus in coolness
Hey Matt, why did Andy just steal all the pool balls? Because he's a Binja!
by mritskid January 31, 2007
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