Any object that does not have a known term or definition.
Hey, hand me that bingus over there.
by Rob D September 10, 2004
Top Definition
bingus (n): weed
bingused (adv/adj): stoned
bingusing (v): smoking weed
bingus (v): smoke weed
(n.) y'all got some bingus?
(adv.) hey i was bingused gimme a break, huh?
(inf v.) bingusing in cars. it's what we do.
(v.) let's go bingus, eh?
by bingus August 16, 2008
marijuana; or to smoke marijuana from a bong
Wanna bingus? You have any bingus?
by bob January 30, 2005
1.noun; A furocious monster that is extremely secretive and has the ability to destroy anything at will. It often shifts from a gentle natured creature into an unstoppable being; 2.noun; Some sort of all-powerful substance; 3.verb; To carry out some sort of action.
Example 1 : I saw the bingus once. When I woke up, my house was gone.

Example 2 : "Careful when you're doing your rituals when we're camping son. You don't want our fire to catch on bingus.

Example 3 :Hey dude, do you still want to bingus with the lights on during third period?
by KickinYurBuns July 07, 2013
The bingus is the area of flesh between the privates and the anus, similar to the grundle
Dude rub honey on my bingus
by Derek Crimmins May 27, 2005
You son of a bingus
by I_Watch_You_Sleep May 14, 2015
A bingus is a much tinier dog for your cat's bamber to keep it company when your cat is not around.
Last night I got no sleep because my goddamn cat's bamber was playing with its bingus all night long. They were running around the house breaking shit. They're probably both just upset since my cat has been at the vet the last two days. Fuck.
by JALSJ April 07, 2011
Those other two definitions are so wrong..

A bingus is a person who is a buffon or is completely clueless..
Fred no don't do that.. Oh man, your such a bingus.
by 2J May 13, 2005

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