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bin dipper.......a derogatory term for a scouser. A Liverpudlian. A resident of Liverpool.
Liverludlian scally...."Aye mister, it`s a quid to look after your car, whilst you go to the match like"

Me...."Touch my car you dirty low-life bin dipper & i`ll fucking kill you, comprende?"
by Dr Fox May 23, 2007
155 43
Scouser - Inhabitant of Liverpool (Self Pity City).
see also dipper
Foraging for food in dustbins
Addicted to grief
Granny stabbing
Compensation claims
Drug abuse
Complete lack of humility or self deprecation
Stabbing people in Stanley Park
Depositing phlegm on anyone within a 8 ft radius when talking
Look at those Bindippers - look at those dirty scousers foraging for food.
by bruv . September 28, 2007
168 37
A person who was born in Liverpool, England. Also known as scousers
Bob: Look at that Bin Dipper trying to rob that car
Rob: The idiot doesn't even realise it's a skip
by Blooty Yeah Yeah November 30, 2009
75 29
scruffy bugger.
chris sims. scouser
by mpw October 19, 2003
47 27
Manc denial
Goto Manchester
by Truth March 21, 2004
24 74