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An emo who claims to be bisexual because it is cool.
"Ugh, that guy is such a bi-mo!"

Tim: I'm bi-mo now.
Billy: Huh? What happened to being a gay goth?
Tim: Gay goth? That is so last Thursday!
Billy: Right...so when did you decide you liked sex with girls? And what's the difference between a goth and an emo anyway?
Tim: Sex with girls? Eeeeww!!
by el_llama March 28, 2006
10 2
Short for Best Internet Marketing Opportunity. Since the rise of Web 2.0, it's not so easy to get noticed on the internet.
Our band couldn't land a gig, but since we got that bimo, we've been playing our balls off!
by Jrizel April 14, 2011
42 12
A double mo that occurs when no hair grows in the middle of the upper lip.
Horrified person: Holy moly! That dude has two caterpillars on his upper lip!

Slightly less horrified person: Nah mate, he's got a bi-mo, it's for Movember
by AardvarkOz November 13, 2007
6 0
short for Bitch Move... a bitchy thing one does to another
Janis pulled a bimo when she let the door shut on Jody's hand.
by Nikeeta November 09, 2005
20 21
Name for a Bus converted into a Limo for deluxe transportation.
DJ took the Bimo to the AC/DC concert the other night.
by Accu4m1 November 03, 2008
5 10
An easy way of letting people know there are "Bagels in my office".
An email to people you work with only needs to have a subject of "Bimo" and all is understood.
by Joe Leavitt November 09, 2007
7 13
One who is bipolar and as a result often emo.
Matt was considered emo until he revealed he has bipolar disorder. Now he's bimo.
by PK February 10, 2005
5 21