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A great, new Canadian band, liked by literate and illiterate people alike, it appears.

Led by Ben Kowalewicz and Ian D'Sa, three of the guys in the band look strangely like guys from Sum 41, but are infinetly better.
blly talint fukin rools!

And for the people who can speak English: Billy Talent are one of the best bands from my native Canada in the last 10 years.
by strong badian May 23, 2004
A darn good band from Canada. What's the deal with these bands from Canada within the last six or so years? Did they suddenly learn how to make music? But hey, what do I know, I'm just a dictionary.
Noun, in reference to someone pathetic: "HE'S no Billy Talent."
Verb, when threatened: "Don't make me go all Billy Talent on yo' ass."
by Dave Garroway December 19, 2003
The best band to currantly walk the earth. Discovered in Canada. Also a character is the movie Hard Core Logo.
Holy shit Billy Talent is about to come on, I think I jsut messed myself
by lauren June 08, 2004
one of the best fucking bands ever.
i was talking to my friend and watching fuse, when all the sudden BILLY TALENT comes out and i scream. she went to the hospital for ear damage
by laurengonewild November 08, 2003
Great Canadian Punk Rock group. Not another California-sounding punk band. Really great, great music, really catchy.

Formerly known as Pezz.
"Need more friends with wings
All the angels I know
Put concrete in my veins
I’d always walk home alone
So I became lifeless
Just like my telephone"
by Napos May 01, 2004
BEST band ever formed, it totally rocks your faces - bow down...
billy talent makes you piss your pants
by Billywonder November 28, 2003
the best band ever..they are so fucking amazing..if you don't like them then you got a problem!
billy talent rocks my socks!
by spongebob February 21, 2004
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