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cockney rhyming slang for shag
alright darlin' fancy a billy bragg?
by ben curry September 24, 2003
A "new wave" artiste of dubious ability, most well known for being a Champagne Socialist.

Much has written in the specialist press concerning his early break into the music business and his entanglement with the well known louche impresario Cock-Stand Cuthbertson, various episodes from which have led to his oft quoted soubriquet of Percy.
Chas: Look at that prick, he's just stumbled into a selection of cold meats "oi Percy, bit unsteady on yer plates eh mate"

Dave: Percy? So that's Billy Bragg - what a tosser.

Chas: Yeah, right, "Bard of Barking" my arse.

Billy Bragg: Gis a fag.

Dave: Piss off Percy, you ponce.

Billy Bragg: Aww c'mon lads I'm one of you.

Chas: Nah mate, you aint.
by Dorset Dave May 02, 2011
Awesome artist, made a CD with Wilco
-Have you heard Mermaid Avenue by Billy Bragg and Wilco?
-Of course, it's amazing
by Hobagzzzzz June 05, 2006
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