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A smelly person, also see minifoot
Zomg!!! u smell like big nick!
by Yaziyo May 02, 2005
A smelly person, see minifoot
Zomg!!!!! u smell like minifoot
by Yaziyo May 02, 2005
A giant man with a muscle-bound chest, large biceps and triceps, stunning thighs and calves. The most obvious feature of Big Nick, is his BIG... DICK... At first it appears to be a leg... but it is not... It is a leg not used for running or walking. He swings it along as he walks back and forth. All bow before him. He is the mighty destroyer. Approach with caution!
"WOH! it's Big Nick, you better get out of his way!"
"Yeah I don't want to get clubbed to death by his cock!"
"Yeah, poor charlie didn't see it coming."
by Big Nick6969 December 17, 2013
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