A person who is of large size. This person would have to be taller then the average person and Weigh more then the average person. A bigboi is cool and popular amoung a vast amount of people. This qualifies as a "bigboi".
Yo! Manny, you are a bigboi!
by Manuel Villarreal January 07, 2004
Top Definition
1 of 2 of da dudes from outkast. spits real fast. tight as fuck rapper.
(Big boi)
oh snap these bitches they act like cats
in the middle of the dance floor now they preparing to scrap
they takin out their scrunchies and pullin off their pressons
the one on the right is the girlfriend and the one the left is the other woman
someone please call security
these girls too purty
to get down to the nitty titty
i mean the nitty gritty
i mean her tiitty pretty
im trippin
being silly willy
man go on let them hos fight
by big banks April 09, 2005
A common misspelling of Big Boi, one of the two members that make up OutKast.
"Man, Big Boi's rhymes are tight!"
"Yeah, and he spits even faster than Twista!"

See Big Boi for more info...
by Home slice August 19, 2005
Big Boi, Big Boi whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
Big Boi, Big Boi whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

A very cool individual.
Damn, I want to be Big Boi
by Dur Pussae DizTroiya June 04, 2014
Someone who parties hard. To be a big boi, you must live by the principle that there is "never too much" partying. The opposite of a big boi is a small boi.
"You're being a small boi, Graeme."
"Last night, the big bois got drunk and did coke. It was a calm night."
by Big Girl1 June 24, 2013
the better half of outkast. better rapper, and he's a dedicated family guy, smokes ganja. I love yo big boi, dre is cool too though, safe blad
St thomas more school suckz~~~~
"big boi in da place to be"
by Master Dan J McCabe January 04, 2004
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