an idiot who bids at the start of an auction, rather than waiting till the final moments, thereby driving up the price for everyone.
an item is on ebay with a start of one pound, a couple of people start bidding against each other from the start and drive the price up to £100 when there's still 6 days to go. The item would have sold for around that anyway but these two have made it not worthwhile for me to bid. These people are bidiots ... bid-idiots!
#bid #ebay #idiot #price #auction
by Simon J D June 05, 2011
Top Definition
n. Person, esp. potential buyer, who engages in foolish or ignorant online auction behavior.
With two days to go, the bidiots have already forced the price up to $10 under retail.
#ebay #auction #snipe #neophyte #idiot
by alpinedad February 02, 2007
portmanteau of "big" and "idiot". the result, "bidiot".
coined by lewis brindley of the yogscast
"you bidiot"
#huge #moron #stupid #big #idiot
by ladyrainicorns December 15, 2012
A mix between the word bitch and idiot. Bitch-Idiot.
Only a bidiot would act that way.
#all these words #but worse-moron #ass #asshole #jerk #dumbass
by Nadia Azzzzar November 23, 2005
Idiot with double the usual amount of stupidity.
Idiot says to Bidiot: "I can't believe you are such an idiot!"
#idiot #bidiot #double #stupid #dumb
by bidoof March 18, 2008
The show works up three freaking months just to censor the word "bitch" but so far they've only gotten to "b". So they would censor that whenever it comes along. Of course some fearers outsiders and overprotecteds fear to say the word "idiot" so they're final (and possibly first) loophole is "Bidiot". But they would censor the "b" so they would think they would say "fucking idiot" due to the sound of "*idiot".
Guy who's never seen the show: I was just watching (show) and all of a sudden a guy said "fucking idiot"! *other guy rolls eyes* He said Bidiot!
#bidiot #idiot #fucking #censor #show
by Your name is already being u December 10, 2011
A bullshiting idiot.
n.For people who like using bullshit and idiot a lot.

She got all the answers wrong and she says the teacher is gonna get sued. What a bidiot!
#bullshit #idiot #dumb #wtf #stupid
by SamanthaSukuri August 09, 2006
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