insignificant, minor-league, low-rent, second-class
yo, how you gonna call next on this court? go over there and play with those scrubs in the biddie leagues.

son, everything here is biddie, you and your squad included. believe that.
by block1of4 December 30, 2004
Some bullshit word some black asshole made up and no one knows what it means.
If u a biddie, dial da digitz.
by Johnny Rebel July 10, 2004
a piece of ass

us jersey kids start this, so get off its dick.. go fuck yourselves
i need to get some biddies.
by kyle March 17, 2005
A girl or guy who thinks they're part of the scene, when they're not at all. Sometimes slutty, sometimes just obnoxious, concerts are always overrun with these kids.
#2:yes, her hairs teased into a fro
#2:and she's eyeing mattmassacre
by lindsay kate March 18, 2007
A crazy person, someone who is so crazy and makes you laugh you cannot describe it.
O my God! You is a nut ass biddie! You are so crazy!
by Mariah D. June 03, 2006
Anything relating to marijuana. Such as the maijuana itself, the high derived from smoking said marijuana, or the act of smoking.
The term originated in Auburn New York.
"Dude, you wanna score some biddie?"
"Fuck man, I am so Biddie right now."
"Dude, let's go biddie."
by Ryan Oliver July 03, 2006

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