A poker term for a straqight A,2,3,4,5. Also known as the wheel
In a High-Lo game the wheel wins both the High and the Lo.
by Ryan September 18, 2004
a word you say after an akward silence in order to break the ice
weird dude: then i made out with my dog

someone else in the crowd(after about 10 seconds of silence): Bycicle!

at that point somebody else starts talking about bicycles, bike riding, etc; and the situation is normal again.
by Compton May 31, 2005
a high difficulty level masturbation technique. Just put the penis between your legs and start pedaling like a bicycle...the fatigue's worth it.
jimmy: bye mom I'm gonna ride the bike for a while.
mom: ok son, don't get late
by el dirty sanchez February 22, 2005
When your privates are stuck together and you just roll around the bed.
Johnny and Gina did a bicycle on the bed.
by Crasee Babee February 20, 2003
An accurate, precise replacement for the current measurement of time which is also known as "seconds".
It took Donavon Bailey almost 9 bicycles to finish the 100 metre dash.
by Jared Kwart September 22, 2005
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