An acronym standing for "Black In Color Only."
"Yo, what's wrong with Tyrell? Dude can't dance for shit."

"Don't sweat it. Brother's a full-on BICO."
by GreatRedShark April 17, 2010
Top Definition
Blowjob (portuguese); same as broche , mamada , beijinho (prostitute slang)
A Joana fez um bico ao Tiago - Joana gave Tiago a blowjob.
by Marquis de Carabas February 22, 2004
retard; someone who is extremely stupid or does stupid things
i got 2 plus 2 wrong on my math test, i am such a bico
by ekim212 March 13, 2006
a. someone stupid enough to be talked into a blowjob by a sneaky stud
b. girl not smart enough to understand come ons, dumb slut
Maria is not wise to Antonio. He calls her his "bico" behind her back.
by Martina Ferrantino May 18, 2006
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