ask the bible a question close your eyes open to a random page and put your finger on a word without looking, and whatever that word is has something to do with the answer to your question
i did a bible dip yo
by CHAA. August 09, 2006
To Bible dip is to ask God a question about anything, then open the Bible to any page and point at a random word with your eyes shut. After your word is looked at by someone else you open your eyes and translate what the word means in relationship to your question.
"Hey mom, should we have fish sticks for dinner?"
"I don't know, let's do a Bible Dip."
*Does Bible dip*
"It says Awakening, as in awakening your taste buds, which therefore means we should have fish sticks for dinner."
by Linzee_In_Wonderland October 31, 2008

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