a nick name for people named Bianca.
Hey, I think we should give Bia Bia a call!
by angela233 April 21, 2007
A stupid way of saying Bitch
Jon "Dat bia bia just pissed on the floor"

Bruce "Bia bia?"

Jon "Yayahhhh, it means bitch!"

Bruce "Your an idiot"
by hedonisthedevil March 03, 2008
he owes me 20 bucks and still aint paid me...hes ah BIA BIA
by xtended klip aka lil logan August 15, 2002
When someone says BIA BIA you respond with "Uh Oh!"
BIA BIA!!! Uh Oh!!!
by BIG JOHNSON May 31, 2003
A person with a fine or beautiful backside or butt.
"Put your hands in the air if you see that Bia Bia!!"
by Miho July 27, 2004

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