someone who fancies or is attracted to both sexes. bisexual
i am bisexual. will u hav sex with me
by sxc sashina August 10, 2007
Derogatory word means female genitile in mandarin and other few chinese dialects and south east asian language. Can be literally translated as cant/cunt.
Man 1: Your bi.
Man 2: Bi~.
by kevindatz August 23, 2006
having sex with anybody.
Bi: When you play for both teams, you cant lose
by Zeeettelboi January 06, 2009
mandarin chinese for "your mothers privates".
haodoudou1: cao ni ma bi
whiteperson: you want me to fuck my moms privates?
haodoudou1: bi zui
by trevor cao December 09, 2007
The best women too date
hey man, i fucked this chick and she was bi.. 2 for the price of one bro
by FOF382 November 10, 2008
Liking the appearance of both sexes
I like being bi - i get my cake and i eat it too
by mg January 22, 2005
stands for bitch. Used when you dont want to be rude around girls or feels uncomfortable saying bitch in front of parents.
Dude She's such a total B.I.
by jakemebabe101 June 07, 2009

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