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bill gallagher disease.
a severe handicap, usually occuring at birth where the child is born severly retarded. people with bgd also cannot breathe through their nasal passages, suffer from inflated self esteem, extreme paranoia and usually have lazy eyes.
people with bgd can be somewhat contagious, if exposed to for long durations.
please consult your physician if you fear you have bgd and abstain from all forms of alcohol, comic books, magic cards and bad pop punk.
people suffering from bgd will utter such nonsensical things as:

"Remember that time you called me Chirs Gristle? well BURN FOR IT!"

"anyway....the old band is back...were not third world riot not going to type the new name because you know how the press is.They'll never leave us alone.Paparazzi.
New drummer is a really awesome guy..just wants to play.ANd he can proabably kick all of our asses....with little effort.Mike least thats what his hat says"
by jennyk March 21, 2005
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