Standing for "Big Fucking Mess," this acronym can be used to describe a situation that is out of control or generally in a state of disarray.

It is especially useful in situations when it is unacceptable to utilize the word "fuck," such as at a workplace in front of your superiors or in front of your children.
We've lost 25% of our funding for the year... What a BFM!
by A Shiny Robot February 05, 2011
Bill Fucking Murray
BFM. Bill. Fucking. Murray.
by kmank March 16, 2013
Short for Butt Fucking Moron.
"Dude, that BFM needs to shut it or I'll get medieval on his ass."
by MC May 20, 2004
Code word name for Bare Fucking Minimum. Most commonly used at work.
Just gonna do a BFM on this job.
by avenger01 December 08, 2010
Big Fuckin' Mole
"Bro... check out that BFM"
by S.S. Booty Bitch March 17, 2010
big fat meanie
I'm sorry I'm just a BFM lol
by saraki11s May 07, 2014
Big Fucking Monster. Used to describe, in gamer terms, a creature that is unreasonably large or powerful.
We really could have used your help defeating that BFM last night! It took hours without you.
by wufalder November 09, 2008

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