A word used mainly in fanfiction:- The belief (I use the term belief because of the proof for and against Bennoda) that Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington are in a relationship. No harm is meant by the term, either to Mike or Chester or their wives, Anna and Samantha.
Fangirls are allowed to believe in whatever they want, including Bennoda.
by Daria November 07, 2004
Top Definition
The belief that Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda are in a relationship together. Many people believe that the two bandmates are actually gay and have a relationship with each other. This belief has not been confirmed. Derived from the word Bennington and Shinoda.
1) Bennoda is Real
2) This picture is bennoda at its best!
by Muffin!! October 31, 2004
beautiful hott sex between mike shinoda and chester bennington.
Mike: Chester
Chester: Yes?
Mike: I Love You Man
Chester: I Love You Too
by Chazzy November 05, 2004
What squealing fangirls try to call Mike Shinoda's and Chester Bennington's supposed "relationship". But what they mistake for love is a friendship, since both Shinoda and Bennington are married; Bennington has a son.
lyk3 omg that peekture is sew benn0da!!111!~
by SARS November 05, 2004
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