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Used on the film "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" when Kumar in a whore house.

He calls 2 prostitutes benevolent. They think it means to fuck a person so hard that their dick is going to be sore for 2 weeks.
Harold- Do you know what benevolent means?

Prostitute- Yes we do, It means we're gonna fuck you so hard your dicks gonna be sore for 2 weeks.

Harold- That is exactly....exactly what it means.
by lord_almighty2 September 06, 2008
Wishing or doing good.
In old age, Carnegie used his wealth for benevolent purposes, donating large sums to found libraries and schools.
by LarstaiT November 10, 2003
(n)a person that helps someone else
Yo, that guy helped me, he's a very benevolent person
by Benevolent April 07, 2005