Usually a big boned or (fat) person
Can have a lovely personality but get on the wrong side and he will give you a shit time.

Well off type of person
A proper northern name
Ben is a name
by Eh14 July 02, 2014
Ben has very small testicles and half a penis. He was born out of a cows leg. He drives a mongoose that lost his legs and they replaced it with wheels.
You look and act like a ben.
by TritonTheBumbleBee June 05, 2014
Typically a male, "Ben" is most often around 5'8-6'1 and has a really small cock. "Ben" will usually attempt to hide his flaw by claiming how large is and how it gets all the bitches. In reality, however, it is extremely tiny. Most often "Ben" is homosexual and or a small twig-like creature.
"Don't be a Ben."
"What im not gay!"
by usernameisinuse August 11, 2014
A really gay man
Or the owner of a gay bar
"Oh you're such a ben"
by Not_Ben August 01, 2014
This is the ultimate multi-purpose word when used in the sentence provided- "Get it ben yi!" with "yi" meaning "you".

This phrase can fit any purpose and be used for whatever you like.

Some suggestions to replace other phrases:
Take it!
Fuck you!

Or you can use "Get it ben me" which could replace:
I have just hurt myself.
I would like that.
I am going to do that.
Person 1 falls over...
Person 2: "Get it ben yi!"

Person 1 downs a pint of lager...
Person 1: "Get it ben me!"
by Ben Yi April 13, 2011
To Ben is to pussy out
Don't Ben this up
by Flying bison January 11, 2014
to pull a 'ben' is to miss a desired target or hole leading to embarassing circumstances which will be mentioned and unforgotten for years to come.
camping with a female friend, getting frisky and after 2 long hours and many a tea break getting it in the wrong hole. 'ben'

' this is the hardest thing to get in ' .. "Ben"

pot the brown .. "ben"
by ICC09 March 06, 2009

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