Probably the sweetest boy you'll ever meet, although only when they are alone. When with friends, Bens' are nice, but very toolish. They love Modest Mouse and the Morning Benders. Bens' have pimples and a large nose, although their stunning personality masks their ugly features. Bens' are known to be attracted to girls with the name Sarah.
Girl One: Look, that boy is staring at you!
Sarah: Ohh I know!!! I heard his name was Ben...
Girl One: no wonder why hes so attracted to you!
Ben ( with friends ) : Hey ladies ;)
Ben ( without friends ) : you have the sweetest eyes :)
by Saraahh19 November 27, 2010
Jerk. Know it all. Jackass that thinks he knows everything and has anger problems. Also, very dumb and seriously needs to leave.
Don't date Brad, he's such a Ben.
by j-lynn😍 April 05, 2015
Ben, the innocent virgin with a cock hung like a horse (black stallion) , with his quest to conquer the pussy ~v-irgin
#girl -1: Hey, how are the things between you and your boyfriend?

#girl-2: ahhh, well his being a bit of a "ben" at the moment I wish he could just man up
by OFWGKTA000 December 12, 2014
Someone who you can not resist. Makes you feel alive and happy whenever you are with him. Will make a promise and then break it. You will like him, he won't like you. You will never be able to get over him even though he forgot about you.
Friend: Did he break his promise and forget about you already?
You: Yeah, he's such a Ben.
by lkjhgfdsalkjhgfdsa July 19, 2013
short dood with blue eyes, hilarious and retarded. Easy to talk to and never gets awkward. Hot and funnehhh :P . hes awesome u can talk to him bout like boners n weird shit.
How to landsharks have sex with each other?-Boners
Nice Ben
by sweetheart69 December 08, 2012
A synonym used for the words 'Ball' 'Pipe' 'One' and 'hole'

Used in the Barnsley area as a slang word.

All words are used in context with the words theyre replacing. With the exception of when Ben replaces the word 'One'. Ben only replaces 'One' at the end of the sentence, or when identifying an object as singular
"There's only one!"
"Theres only Ben!"

"Its a Ben."
"Its a Ball."

"He fallen down the hole!"
"Hes fallen down the Ben!"

NOT "theres only ben left" to replace 'one'.
by Abdullahhasam November 24, 2011
Ben has very small testicles and half a penis. He was born out of a cows leg. He drives a mongoose that lost his legs and they replaced it with wheels.
You look and act like a ben.
by TritonTheBumbleBee June 05, 2014

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