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A very tasty brand of ice cream.

Do not be confused by all the imitators:

1)hagen dazs

Ben and Jerry ice cream has been around since the seventies
and some flavors include cherry garcia, vanilla, chunky monkey and many more.........Ben and Jerry Ice cream has just started creating organic flavors for all you tree-huggers out there....or for anyone who wants to stay healthy.
guy 1: let's go get some ice cream
guy 2: where are we?
guy 1: vermont
guy 2: then let's get some ben and jerry ice cream'
guy 1: okay, but you're paying, because you still owe me ten bucks
guy 2: you asshole
guy 1: just pay you son of a bitch
guy 2: what ever.....
by candycanes384 June 11, 2008
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