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(Regional in Washington state; Bellevue is a large city near Seattle (they are on either side of Lake Washington). It is known for it's rapid development and affluent population)

Used to describe rich girls from Bellevue, including the neighborhoods west of Bellevue on the Lake Washington coast (Medina, Clyde Hill, Yarrow/Hunts Points). Bellevue bitches are generally proud of being from Bellevue. They may be perceived as snobby or condescending, and usually slutty; known for doing naughty things but still being daddy's little girl; not afraid to flaunt their money, drive BMWs, have small dogs (really); do blow or oxy, lock their doors when a brown person walks by their car, and of course suck hella dick.
Renton Bitch: What are these bellevue bitches doing at this party?
Bellevue Bitch: wat-eva bitch i'm from bellevue, your just hatin cuz your jealous you ghetto skank! i do oxy i suck dick, thats right.
by Alex Broadhurst December 17, 2008
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