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one who is a sniffer of bells
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
to place your nose close to a mans bell end (penis tip) and inhale the aroma
that girl last night was a right bell sniff
by randy randerson November 13, 2009
someone who sniffs cocks. a complete tosser, probably gay but not necessarily.
You are a complete bellsniff. Ted you bellsniff.
by olipies69 April 18, 2006
someone who smells the bellend before and ater giving head
you bellsniff?
by manx arbiter January 24, 2009
bellsniff; someone who sniffs penis
dylan mcnicholas is a bellsniff
by MC nicholas August 21, 2011
1)One who sniffs bells for a living.

2)One who sniffs bellends for a living/for fun.
"Dylan, you're a proper Bellsniff!"

"Why are you being such a Bellsniff, Philip?"

"Chris sniffed that bell all night long."
by Mellar January 03, 2010

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