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An injection you recieve via needle that when you stop moving makes you die.

A.K.A. When you are having sex with an asian woman and recieve more than one STD; usually happens in the city of Bejing.
Wow,that asian woman has offically made it that I burn while I pee as well as made my crotch enflammed.That was the worst Bejing Cocktail that I have ever had
by VarnabyJones August 12, 2006
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Verb (latin origin Bejungana) After acts of a sexual nature you then fecalate (shit) on your hand then proceed to rub or smear it on your erect penis (hard cock).Then proceed to slap your sex partener with your fecies -covered penis (repeatedly) in the the face!
Hank:hey man how was sex with Tiff lastnight?

Steve:Dude i totally slammed her then i gave her........the Bejing Cocktail!!!!

by Beerfest kicked ass! September 03, 2006
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