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The opposite of afterward and cool way to say before or anything with a similar meaning.
Steve: What do you guys want to do after the party?
Andy: I dont know...
Kenny: Lets play ps3 at your house. I'll bring my game too.
Steve: You will have to carry it around with you the whole dat then.
Kenny: I meant before the party.
Steve: We are discssing about what happens afterward...
Andy: But you are talking about Beforeward.
by somerandomguyontheinternets June 25, 2009
5 1
similar to afterwards, but its before
i'll meet you at your place beforewards
by Nancy Bancy October 29, 2005
7 0
The past tense of before. Before somthing happens. The opposite of afterwords.
The Bible was used beforewards and afterwords, when teaching the lesson.
by ServCarpenter May 27, 2005
3 3