Beezler is a Scottish word given to ecstasy.

Its basically used as a slang term so people dont understand what your talking about, police, club bouncers and public etc.
Here mate u got any beezlers on ye?

How much are the beezlers in the window?

Im off my nut I just took 50 beezlers man.
by daniel5000 August 02, 2007
Top Definition
The plural of beezlers. Originates from the word "Mitsubishi's" which was turned into "Mitsubeezler's"

It is a North Eastern colloquial term for ecstasy used predominantly in Forfar & Dundee. However it is known to have taken off in London as some users of the word migrated to the capital in search of House!
"Gid Beezlers likes!"

"Fa's Gote the Beezlers?"

"It's not a stag it's a mini-holiday, but whaur's the Beezlers?"
by Davey Brew October 03, 2007
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