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Plugging the mouth of a beer bottle when you are told to drink, making it seem like you are drinking, when you are actually being a pussy.
Joe is such a beer plug.
by JimWal July 13, 2006
Usually used during drinking games. The act of sticking ones tongue over the mouth of a bottle when told to drink. This creates the illusion that you are actually drinking.
Joe stop being such a beerplug and drink!
by JimWal July 12, 2006
Double meaning, when you're under influence of alcohol and either you just hear what you want to hear or some music sounds good because you're drunk
A: "Dude, that Britney song is actually pretty good.." B: "No man, you just got your beerplugs on"
by Gudbergur and Julia September 22, 2008
The phenomenon in which one can tolerate a person's speech, found infuriating in normal life for reasons of pitch or subject matter, due to the ingestion of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. A common symptom of excessive drinking, this condition may also be associated with beer goggles.
Girl: So I heard about this motorcycle vendor in Ouagadougou that sells 50,000 motorbikes and mopeds every year. I personally haven't been there, but I did my research, and, you know...

Boy 1: OooOoohh, go on!

Boy 2: Oh, he's got his beerplugs in for sure...
by bpafreebitches March 30, 2011
In the same vein as beer goggles, referring to drinking so much alcohol that horrible, annoying sounds become more tolerable.
Dude, this band really sucks. PLEASE order another round of beer plugs!
by AZschmeh February 27, 2010
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