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Another word for Beer Vouchers, these are small, usually coloured, pieces of paper with the queen's/president's/a national hero's head on them that the nice man at the bar will take and in return give you lovely alcoholic beverages.
Andy: Are you coming to the pub now?
Chris: Yes, I'm on my way. I've just got to get some beer tokens out from the ATM and I'll be with you.
by mikeyk March 04, 2006
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cash to be placed in a short term investment. if the investment matures well the investor can expect a rapid return in the form of getting utterly wankered and shagging some bint usually in Woolworth's doorway whilst holding a kebab
Big Al won a monkey on the gee gees so he had enough Beertokens to get us all completely trousered that night.
by neilyboy March 06, 2008
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Money specifically used for the weekend or for beverages at your local pub or club
ye man i'l go out saturday i just got payed my Beer token's
by xxboi-cxx August 26, 2009
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