A girl who develops a strong neck due to taking repeated (pelvic) force to the face (thus resembling a cow's neck).

Aka.: bovine bitches, cattle neck, throat like a t-bone.
My girlfriend is developing quite a nice beef neck.

Damn! Them bitches got beef necks.

I want a beef neck'd girl.

Call me Old McDonald, cause my bovine bitches got cattle necks!
by Travisty Designs February 07, 2011
Top Definition
reaction to when someone says something stupid, you slap them on the back of the neck while saying "beefneck"
Person #1: "Megan Fox isn't hot"

Person #2: "Beefneck"
by willy_j_33 October 16, 2010
When someone says a gay joke, something stupid, or something that deserves to be punished for. You also say beefneck while slapping the back part of their neck. Beefneck is a way to say that something is dumb; some people confess and put forward their necks and get hit, voluntarily.
Jimmy: Basketball is one of the dumbest sports ever.

John: Beefneck!!

(Slaps back of neck)
by Beefnecker November 24, 2010
when you playfully *slap* the back of someone's neck, usually after they make a dumb or obvious statement. saying "BEEF NECK!" is optional while administering the *slap*.
After Bobbi asked me where her keys were, I pointed out they were right in front of her on her desk, and then gave her a BEEF NECK!
by xpiratebillx November 19, 2010
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