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woman's vagina
1. Oh wow, what a beef curtain she must have!
by stunani June 29, 2009
32 41
faff flaps
she twitched as she tweaked her faff flaps
by Daveth January 06, 2004
17 26
Extended and long hanging lavia, found on women that have been very sexually active.
That girl at the party, Tanner, had the longest beef curtains.
by Niglet32 July 19, 2011
15 25
Long, saggy and hanging pussy lips.
With her legs spread, Tori could stretch her beef curtains out 4" inches.
by Raj` August 20, 2008
21 33
the outer vaginal lips,(labia majora, labia minor).
So I hooked up with this chick the other night and when she got naked I saw the biggest set of beef curtains hanging down from her crotch.
by wildwilly75 August 17, 2010
3 16
Piss flaps
Jason Donavan once sang

"I close my eyes.... drew back beef curtains.. aah-aah-aah"
by ShavenLunatic October 29, 2003
33 46
The use of the produce from abattoirs to block out light from a window.
"My bay windows have beef curtains"
by stouffer and stuey November 10, 2002
33 46