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A combination of a hot beef injection and a quickie.
After a hard day at the office, Dmytry gave Dave a beef dip.
by Bubba Bob Rae July 19, 2005
Repeated ass-to-mouth, similar to dipping one's beef sandwich repeatedly into au jus during a meal.
Robb beef dipped the shit out of Brittnay last night. I hope she brushed her teeth in the morning.
by Au jus November 25, 2009
The female equivalent of tea-bagging someone. Refers to a woman lowering her loose, flappy labia or 'beef curtains' into the mouth of a person that has fallen asleep at a party. The action resembles dunking a beef dip sandwhich into au jus.
" What a crazy party last night. I can't believe she gave her the beef dip!"
"Yeah, serves her right for getting drunk and passing out on the couch."
by sugar utts May 09, 2012
Slang used in some parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta to describe a very good-looking person. The second of four different ratings: Salsa, beef dip, onion dip and bean dip.
"Whoa, that guy's a total beef dip!"
by Toria Spencer March 20, 2008