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An especially potent blend of two types of marijuana. One type being green and the other having a more brown appearance.
Northern Lights mixed with Chocolate Thai.
by DunbladeKilla January 29, 2004
A mixture of two types of cannibus, Regz and Chocolate. They take on the look of the Chinese food Beef and Broccoli.
Me: I got the Regz
BFF: I got the Chocolate
Me: Damn...
BFF: I smell Beef and Broccoli!
by The Urbanette October 22, 2008
A song by Immortal Technique attacking vegetarians/vegans for ruthlessly pushing their agenda on others.
You know, I don't criticize people for eating moss, then don't open your fucking mouth about my food, man. I like beef and broccoli, motherfucker.

(from the song)
by December 03, 2006
For normal people, it's a dish
For dope people, it's where people bury people when people catch a body...under beef and broccoli AKA grass and dirt
"Beef is my struggle, broccoli is my weed
I go hungry and order me some beef and broccoli
and this heater's
gonna leave you underneath
some beef and broccoli
for those who don't know, that's grass and dirt
for caskets lying under grass and dirt"

-- Juelz Santana Freestyle under "F You" beat
by big jens chisel July 28, 2006
when you find a strait up crack rock in your weed bag....its a nice suprise
aye yo throw that beef and broccoli in da vega
by Roiter April 17, 2006
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